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Trajectory Brand Identity

About This Project

On April 8-9, 2019 we are holding our first annual event, at the Oakland Museum of CA! Because this is the first year we’re hosting this event, we had to think about what to call it and what should it look like. We wanted a conference name that grabs the attention of all who hear it, fits the LaunchDarkly brand, and can grow with us in the years to come. Here’s a look at the strategy we used to achieve our brand identity.



We asked everyone at LaunchDarkly to help brainstorm a name for the conference. All verbs, abstract nouns, fun space concepts, good ideas, bad ideas, etc were welcome. We had lots of suggestions and below were some of the top contenders:

Mission Control Momentum Precision
Trajectory Stellar Dimension
Launch Pad Discover Accelerate
Sphere Explore Diverge
Explore Journey Delta-V
Spaceflight Lift Off Propel
LaunchConf Continuous Deploy


Narrowing It Down

The marketing and design teams looked at all submissions and then voted on names we would move forward with in a round of user testing. Here are some of the names:


User Testing

Now my favorite part—we test to see which name is the best! Using SurveyMonkey, we surveyed an external audience to get feedback. Specifically, we targeted 50+ engineers in the US to get their thoughts and see if we were missing anything. The design was kept consistent so respondents could focus on the brand names. Below is what was presented:


Here’s a sample of the respondent audience and word clouds generated by SurveyMonkey based on their feedback:

Choosing a Winning Name

We presented our findings to our leadership team. Trajectory wasn’t the top choice from respondents (rather, Discover was), but leadership thought it was the best name for our conference. Trajectory was original for a conference name, own-able from a branding point of view, and we were able to secure Trajectory Conference domain names.

Design Begins!

A mood board was created for inspiration, and to get a visual direction for where our logo mark would live.

Logo Designs and More User Testing

We explored a few directions, and launched another survey—this time via UsabilityHub—to get feedback. Below are the logos we presented to 50 tech savvy users throughout the US. Also shown are word clouds of respondent feedback, which were taken into consideration for our final logo lock-up.

And the Winner Is..

Finally, we had the information needed to create our Trajectory Conference logo and move forward with designing our 1st annual conference! We think this brand identity will build recognition for LaunchDarkly and inspire trust for everyone who attends for years to come.
Trajectory will take place on April 8-9th at the Oakland Museum in CA. You can see the full agenda and register for tickets here.
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