A boutique digital marketing and design agency.

Lo Studio simple means The Studio in Italian. It’s the portfolio of Michael DeBiase who has over 20 years of experience providing effective design solutions that make great companies.

Accomplishments include designing the Netflix non-member experience and transitioning the brand from a domestic DVD startup to a global streaming leader. Leading the rebrand of Ten-X (formerly Auction.com) which was acquired by THL Partners. Helping launch an award-winning rebrand at LaunchDarkly to position them as a billion-dollar company.


Skills to pay the bills.

Visual Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Communication Design, Product Design, Prototyping, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Presentations, User Experience, User Interface, Branding, Marketing & Advertising.

Michael started working at Netflix and helped transition the domestic DVD by mail startup to a global streaming giant.
Michael joined Auction.com where he built a team and helped scaled the business. It was later acquired by THL partners in 2017.
Michael joined a startup called LaunchDarkly. He helped them grow and they recently launched an award winning rebrand to position them as a billion-dollar company.


Nothing can stop me, I'm all the way up.

Michael grew up in NYC and also considers the Bay Area home. He attended Westchester Community College to start his education and completed a digital arts certificate where he was awarded the curriculum award. He continued his education by moving to San Francisco and attending Academy of Art University where he completed a degree in New Media. He also took classes at School of Visual Arts and continues to take online courses to develop new skills. When approaching design he always puts himself in the users shoes, makes sure it communicates, and thinks of way to optimize the experience. Michael has been very fortunate to work and develop many successful brands such as Playboy, Netflix, Ten-X, and LaunchDarkly.

Other interests include spending time with family, traveling, hiking, nature, yoga, exercise, meditation, photography, home-improvement projects, and anything to related to mental wellness. He strives to live a balanced life and helps others by volunteering.