The portfolio of Michael DeBiase.

Lo Studio is a boutique design agency and the portfolio of Michael DeBiase. We provide cost-effective visual solutions for fortune 500 companies and smaller start-ups. Recent work can be found on this website or check out Instagram and YouTube for more.


Doing what I love.

Visual Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Communication Design, Product Design, Prototyping, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Presentations, User Experience, User Interface, Branding, Marketing, and Advertising.

Michael joined Netflix and supported the marketing team with everything acquisition related. He helped them transition from a DVD startup with 3 million domestic members to a global streaming giant. (NFLX)
Michael lead design for the Auction.com marketing team and it’s brands. This included a rebrand of their commercial division Ten-X, and helping the company grow to over 50 billion properties sold. (Acquired by THL partners)
Michael supported all things marketing and brand design at LaunchDarkly. He helped this small startup scale to become the leader in Feature Management. (Currently a private billion dollar company with over 20 trillion feature flags served daily)


Loving what I do.

Michael supports Marketing teams with effective design solutions that make great companies. He is always trying to improve his skills as design trends, tools, and technology evolves. He makes sure the design communicates, enjoys using a data-driven design approach to help make decisions, looks for ways to optimize processes, and the user experience.

He grew up in New York City and also considers the San Francisco Bay Area home. Other interests include spending time with family, traveling, hiking, nature, yoga, exercise, meditation, photography, home-improvement projects, and living a healthy balanced life.